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Customize A73 Piano Station using the commands in the options menu.

Dragging Mouse Plays Piano
If this is enabled, you can play the piano by moving the mouse over the virtual piano keyboard while holding down the left button.

Show Key Assignments
Displays PC keyboard to piano keyboard assignment.

Large View
Toggles large view. Use large view on higher resolution monitors for better visibility. Large view is only available for monitors with a horizontal resolution of 1280 or higher.

Show Window Border
Displays standard window border, including minimize and exit icons and a title bar that shows the name of the actual workspace file.

Midi device
Select a General Midi compatible midi output device from the list of devices installed on your system. Not all of them are General Midi compatible. Different devices sound different, so choose the one that sounds best in your opinion. The sound programming of A73 Piano Station is optimized for the Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth, which is the default midi output device on most computers. Probably, you won't need to change this setting.

Warning before deleting a workspace
If on, a warning is displayed before opening a station file, starting a new workspace, or leaving the application with an unsaved workspace.

Warning before deleting a recording
If on, a warning appears before an unsaved recording is going to be overwritten by a new recording or deleted when leaving the application.

Stop bass when stopping rhythm
With this option on, the bass part of the accompaniment is stopped automatically when you stop the rhythm by clicking on the Rhythm button.

Stop arpeggios when stopping rhythm
If on, all arpeggios (if any) of the lead sound are stopped automatically when you stop the rhythm by clicking on the Rhythm button.

Key start only when pressing a bass key
You can start the accompaniment by pressing a piano key. If this option is on, only the piano keys in the bass region activate key start, otherwise any piano key is a trigger.

Always set tempo & shuffle to default when changing styles
If on, the Tempo and Shuffle sliders are set to their default positions when changing styles. In the opposite case, tempo and shuffle are only set to their default values if the Default switch (below the Tempo and Shuffle sliders) is on. You can move between different styles smoothly (without changing tempo and shuffle) if both the Default switch and this option are off.

Select your favorite background color.