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A73 Piano Station

Turn your PC into a fun to play virtual piano, synthesizer,
or even a band. Play piano with your mouse or computer
keyboard, no extra hardware is needed. Play your favorite
music or enjoy your own creations for a truly different type
of relaxation and entertainment.

Full virtual piano fun for everybody: play & learn with A73!
Creativity and peace
Experimenting with your own musical ideas is both a
stimulating and peaceful activity. Now you can experience
this at your computer, anywhere and anytime.

Use your virtual piano to accompany yourself and friends
while singing or have your friends bring other instruments
and create an ad hoc band.

Everyone can enjoy it
A73 Piano Station is designed so that anybody between
6 and 106 can use it immediately. Unlimited music fun and
creativity at your fingertips.

For professionals
Professional artists, composers can use the program as a
sketch pad, to try out and record ideas when traveling on
planes, trains, etc.

For children
Develop your child's musicality and intellect with this truly
creative music game. Guaranteed violence and terror free.

As a gift
Are you searching for a unique, creative gift for someone?
A73 Piano Station might be the perfect choice. Especially
for children between ages 7 and 12.


Click for full size screenshot:

Full virtual piano image - color: A73 blue
Full virtual piano image - color: A73 sand
Full virtual piano image - color: dark

Why A73 Piano Station?

First of all, to have unlimited creative fun with music:
Create, compose or play your favorite tunes. Play for
relaxation, learning, or pump up parties!

For the cost of a single piano lesson you get a tool that
offers infinite possibilities for musical development.

Compare A73 to similar products. Compare playability,
functionality, and quality of music style programming.
Compare all the pianos and choose the one that gives
you the most.


- 6 octave piano keyboard with realistic piano keys
- Easy on the eye, convenient graphical interface
- Play 100+ instruments (pianos, guitars, strings, drums, etc.)
- Drum machine (20-220 BPM) with shuffle control
- Bass-chord accompaniment
- Enjoy 20+ music styles (rock, jazz, pop, blues, waltz, etc.)
- Mix and play 3 lead instruments simultaneously
- Add 3 parallel arpeggios with over 50 patterns
- Metronome
- Save and restore the whole workspace
- Recording and playing functions
- And more!

This virtual piano works with any General Midi compatible
software and hardware synthesizer, including Microsoft GS
Wavetable SW Synth available on all XP/Vista/7 computers.

System requirements


- Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 operating system
- Administrator rights to install and run the software
- Works only with the English alphabet for folders, file names,
    and any text input/output in general
- General MIDI compatible software or hardware synthesizer
- 1 GHz or faster processor
- 1024x768 or higher resolution monitor
- 64 MB of free RAM


- PC keyboard with enhanced support for simultaneous
    keystrokes for chord input

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